Pioneer Investments Expands Liquid Alternative Offerings

Giordano Lombardo 18 February 2014

Launch of innovative alternative fixed income strategies seeking absolute returns.

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Macro Economic Report
16 June 2014 | In China, the implementation of reforms is proceeding on many fronts. Financial Reform: within 6 months mutual market access between HK and Shangai Exchanges will begin, allowing mainland investors to trade some HK listed stocks and vice versa, with some restrictions on daily and annual volumes. Fiscal reform: ten local governments will be allowed to issue bonds on their own with an independent credit rating under annual quotas to be set by the Central Government.



  • Fed’s Inflation Target Misguided? Good vs. Bad Disinflation

    05 May 2014 | There is a difference between “good disinflation” and “bad disinflation.” Recent disinflation is the result of a variety of factors, including technological progress, new efficiencies in business models and strengthening competition. The truly worrisome deflation we should be concerned about is driven by asset price declines.

  • US Economy And Monetary Policy

    13 January 2014 | The US economy has become strong enough to grow on its feet, allowing the Federal Reserve to withdraw in measured steps the exceptional monetary stimulus. We believe that the process known as “taper” will unfold slowly as subdued inflation allows the Fed to buy some time after Quantitative Easing (QE) expires before raising benchmark interest rates.

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Japan’s Equity Market
Taking stock one year into Abenomics

11 February 2014
In this piece our Head of Global Asset Allocation Research, Monica Defend, reflects about the results of the new course of economic policy in Japan known as Abenomics and what its ambitious schedule has yet to achieve more than a year later. The conclusion is that the most difficult part, structural economic reforms, is still far from implementation.

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CIO Letter: Bubble Detector

15 July 2014 | Summer is synonymous with vacatios, and vacation is synonymous with journey. Packing your GPS and checking the weather conditions are essential for a well prepared journey. Similarly, no well-prepared investment should be carried out without first checking the financial climate— although currently calm, history suggests it could soon turn—and reviewing the GPS of Global Markets. Our “GPS” for navigating market conditions (valuations) is highlighting that some areas of the financial markets are getting stretched. Core government bonds, credit markets and US equities are the most likely candidates for a bubble.